Upflow is a simple software tool developed to estimate the expected upward water movement from a shallow water table to the root zone during a specific period and for the specified environmental conditions.

To download Upflow see at the bottom of this page. Please read the explanation before downloading

The program contains various sets of soil water retention curves that are considered as representative for various soil classes and indicative values for root water extraction for a number of crops. The environmental conditions are specified in fields of the Main Menu by specifying: (i) the average evapotranspiration demand of the atmosphere during the period under consideration, (ii) the average soil water content that is maintained in the topsoil during that period, (iii) the depth of groundwater below the soil surface, (iv) the water extraction pattern of the plant roots, (v) the thickness and characteristics of successive layers of the soil profile and (vi) the salt content of the water table. A steady state upward flow in response to the evaporative demand is assumed during the period. The simulations are in line with indicative values presented in literature. Additionally the software displays the deficient aeration conditions and its effect on crop evapotranspiration when the groundwater is close to the root zone.

The software and reference manual is freely available.

  • For 32 bit PC: Download the zipped files, unzip and install.
  • For 64 bit PC: Download the zipped folder, unzip, and copy the whole folder with its subfolders to the PC in an appropriate folder (e.g.  C:\upflow)

Download the reference manual here.

For further information please contact Prof. Dirk Raes at dirk.raes@kuleuven.be.


Raes, D., and P. De Proost. 2003. Model to assess water movement from a shallow water table to the root zone. Agricultural Water Management 62(2): 79-91.